Be Aware! This Attraction in Jogja Will Deceived Your Eye

Be Aware! This Attraction in Jogja Will Deceived Your Eye

Having vacation are not just adventure in the wild, sometimes you can try to visit the museum. Do not be afraid to get bored if you visit this unique museum. Some creative attraction made in Yogyakarta, De Mata Trick Eye Museum.

For you who are very curious, you can visit at XT Square in Veteran Street, Pandeyan, Yogyakarta. In this place, is not animals or history that became the center of attention, but the 3D image. If you come in weekdays, the entrance fee is $8. And if you visit at the weekend, you must pay $10.

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The basement is a place to showcase 120 3-dimensional paintings. It’s make this museum as the first 3D museum in Yogyakarta. This labyrinth-shaped area provides 3-dimensional paintings with a variety of themes, from natural themes, animals, superheroes, ornaments, circuses, and romantic theme.

In accordance with the name of the place, in this museum, you can produce cool photos due the illusion of the 3D painting. De Mata Trick Eye Museum becomes an exciting place for you who have a hobby to take pictures, and recommended for you to fill your feed.

When the visitors crowded, you will probably queue to be able to pose in front of one of 3D paintings. So it will spend a long time. But you do not have to worry, because this place also provided a restaurant. After the break, you can continue to enjoy the entire collection of 3D paintings from this museum.

The number of paintings does not necessarily make you confused and also run out of style, because in each painting there is a small example photo. De Mata Trick Eye Museum really spoils visitors by adding supporting properties such as small staircases, so that the photo results look more real.

Free Wi-Fi facilities are also available for visitors to upload their shots instantly. To avoid get bored, this museum also replace the collections regularly. The huge collection of 3D paintings makes this museum as the world’s 3rd largest museum.

In the region of ASIA, the average museum like this only showcased about 70 3D paintings. The largest paint size available in the De Mata Trick Eye Museum reaches 5 meters in length. Traveling to this museum will certainly add your gallery more vary.

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