Be Different! Try To Sideways Photo in Omah Kuno Miring Yogyakarta

Be Different! Try To Sideways Photo in Omah Kuno Miring Yogyakarta

This photo pot is different from the others. In the picture, you will look like you are not bound by gravity. What more interest, the photo setting is a typical house of Javanese people in the past, complete with traditional property and costume.

The setting of places and old objects turned into 45 degrees, it will certainly create a unique image and different from others. The name is Omah Kuno Miring, a house on Wonosari Street was built in 1952. No wonder, the building is thick with old Javanese atmosphere.

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With the idea of ​​making spot photos with the concept of Ancient Java, this place becomes unique photo spot. This place is different, unique, reflecting the Javanese culture, and there is an educative value. Especially for foreign people, they could learn about the concept of ancient Javanese culture.

All the arts of this house are dominated by bamboo and wood. There are seven photo spots in Omah Kuno Miring, with background of a Javanese house in earlier times. There is a living room, a dining room, a storeroom, a farmhouse, a rooftop, a kitchen, and a pengilon (make-up mirror).

When the spot photo is full by visitors, no need to worry. While you wait for your turn, you can wait in the lincak (chair) that widely available. While sitting around and enjoying the atmosphere, you can also order food and drinks. There are noodles, capcay, fried rice, tea, coffee, and others affordable prices, from $0.4-1.

Just take pictures here, just pay $1.2. With these costs, you will get loan costumes such as lurik clothes, caping, blangkon, sandals, from rubber. There are also styles to maximize the photos.

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