Before You Traveling to Yogyakarta, Just Read This First!

Before You Traveling to Yogyakarta, Just Read This First!

Yuhuu, long weekend has arrived. This is a good time to take a break from your daily activity. For this weekend, why don’t you go to Yogyakarta? Don’t rush to frown and say “Jogja again, Jogja again”. Believe me, if you think Yogyakarta is boring, then you have not yet explored Jogja completely.

Almost every time, there are new tourist spots that have sprung up in Yogyakarta. Where do you want to go, beach? Mountain? Cave? Palace? Zoo? Temple? Shopping? Culinary? Everything is in this city.

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Anything in Jogja is still cheap. With $20 a day, you can stay in homestay, taste the famous traditional cuisine, and rent a moped to go around. To further reduce the cost of your trip to Jogja, here are some tips that you can try.

Before You Traveling to Yogyakarta, Just Read This First!

1.      Hunting cheap transportation to Yogyakarta

If you planning to vacation to Jogja, you should look for transportation in advance. This is not just for the tickets, but the ticket is much cheaper if you buy a couple time ago. Just check some site, who knows they’re on a promo. So, the money you spend on transportation gets a little cheap.

2.      Don’t carry excessive items

If you intend to walk in Yogyakarta with backpacker style, then pack your thing as simply as possible. Do not carry excess items. Bring enough stuff, which is important. Beside it will easier in your movement, you do not have to pay more to the airline due to excess baggage.

3.      List your holiday destination and create an itinerary

Before going to Yogyakarta, look for more info on tourist attractions. After that, make a list of the tour you want to visit. There are so many good tourist destinations with cheap tickets, even sometimes free. So you do not need to pay extra for tickets.

Do not forget to make an itinerary. Group the places you want to visit in accordance with the area to save transportation costs and also save time.

4.      Find a strategic and cheap lodging

There are so many choices of places to stay, from star hotels, cheap hotels, to homestay. Because you want to walk in Yogyakarta with backpacker style, just pick the cheap hotels or homestay. Find a location that is close to the tourist attractions you want to visit. This can save your transportation costs during the holidays.

5.      Prepare your cameras

In many tourist attractions are found many photographers who offer photo services. In fact, sometimes they take your pictures candidly, then they ask you to pay for the photos they have taken. As much as possible, avoid the photographers. You can capture your best moments without spending money using your smartphone.

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