Breksi Cliff Yogyakarta, More Interesting With Various Photo Spots

Breksi Cliff Yogyakarta, More Interesting With Various Photo Spots

Many tourist attractions in Jogja that don’t need much cost. Cliff breksi for example. The tourist attractions that are open since 2015 include cheap attraction which so famous. You just pay only parking fee for $0.2. For entrance ticket, just pay as you wish.

Breksi Cliff is a tourist attraction that located in Sambirejo, Prambanan, has become increasingly popular and visited by tourists. Some additional spots has been added as a background for taking pictures. One of them, a Jeep Cars located not far from the parking.

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The jeep car is not the only additional spots to take pictures. There is an antique motorcycle that could be a property. One more thing, near the stairs, there are some owls ready to be captured. You can take pictures in those spots without being charged, and are welcome to contribute as a donation.

To take pictures in those spots, not set a fee, you are welcome to contribute as you will. The photo spots as complement to the carvings were already there. Not far from the parking area, there is foodcourt. You may take a break for a while at here, considering the area of Breksi Cliff is wide enough.

If you climb to the top of the cliff, you can see the scenery of Ijo Temple and Ratu Boko Temple from a height. Below the cliff there is a kind of amphitheater that, when viewed from above, forms an interesting pattern.

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