Cheerfully Travel to Yogyakarta

Cheerfully Travel to Yogyakarta

When you choose to travel cheerfully to Jogja, you must prepare the plan carefully so your budget can be spend as useful as possible. Jogja is classic and will make you miss. Once you ever go to Jogja, you want to go back for long time.

If your budget is limited, you don’t need to be sad. You are not alone. Just calm down, with a limited budget you can still travel cheerfully to Jogja. You can enjoy many attractions, cheap lodging, and enjoy cheap tours. Although Jogja famous for the cheap tour, you must be careful for misstep.

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Cheerfully Travel to Yogyakarta

1.      Lodging

First, search a lodging with a cheap price in Jogja. There are many cheap lodging such as Hotel Larasati, Munajat Backpacker, and much more. Just go to Prawirotaman Street as a center lodging for international tourist in Jogja.

2.      Transportation

Jogja has a lot of tourist attraction that are not bypassed by public transport. So, it recommend to rent a motorbike because the price is also affordable, about $5 for 24 hours. So you can enjoy the beauty of Jogja as much.

3.      Food

When you want to travel cheerfully to Jogja, try to find a cheap and stylish food like a local favorite, which is angkringan. One pack of cat rice is usually sold $0.1. It quite cheap is not it.

4.      Tourist attraction

The tourist attraction are many and varied, also cheap. You can go to Vredeburg Fort, Taman Sari, Keraton Jogja, dll. You only need to spend about $0.4-1 for the ticket. Even some for free like monument of Jogja, Malioboro, and other.

5.      Google Maps

For you who will travel in Jogja, don’t forget to take Google Maps. Or you can take a tourist map if you don’t have any idea. By using Google Maps or tourist maps you will save your energy and you avoid to get lost.

6.      Camera

Jogja is special. Traveling to Jogja will be very unfortunate if you don’t capture the moment of a joyous tour in Jogjakarta. So, bringing the camera is highly recommended. If you don’t have fine DSLR or mirrorless camera, a smartphone camera is also quite sophisticated at this time.

7.      Souvenirs

A cheerful trip is always related with buying any souvenirs. You don’t have to worry because you can buy by cheap in Jogja with limited budget, like batik clothes in Beringharjo, or Jogja shirt in Malioboro. All you need is to bid.

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