Dare Yourself to Try the Longest Flying Fox in Southeast-Asia at Yogyakarta

Dare Yourself to Try the Longest Flying Fox in Southeast-Asia at Yogyakarta

Gunung Kidul not only offers a row of beautiful beaches. Now you can also enjoy flying Fox which has the longest trajectory in Southeast Asia. With a track length of 625 meters, Flying Fox Gedangsari ready to test your adrenaline.

Flying Fox attraction which was inaugurated at the end of August, is located in Green Village Ecotourism, Mertelu, Gedangsari, Gunung Kidul. This attraction of Green Village itself began the construction in 2014, and officially opened 2015.

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About the safety, no need to worries, the equipment using international standard and there is a professional team that operates and guides you. This special team will guide you and give you directions, before you start.

After that, you will ‘fly’ across more than half a kilometer at a half pace, so you will feel comfortable for a minute on the track. At the end of the track, there are teams that are ready to take you and drive you back by a car. You can try Flying Fox at a cost of $8.

With these costs, you will get insurance, water, snacks, and transport to drive back up. Beside to the Flying Fox, this place offers scenic beauty and natural potential, such as srikaya fruit, manga, and more. There are also various handicraft products, such as chairs, tambirs, and parcels. If you want to stay overnight, this spot provided a place to stay.

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