Depok Beach Yogyakarta Entrance Ticket

Depok Beach Yogyakarta Entrance Ticket

Once you tired of traveling in Parangtritis Beach and surrounding areas, it is time for you to rest while filling your stomach with a variety of seafood dishes. Besides offer the beauty of the panorama of the sea in, Depok Beach is more famous called the sea fish center.

The flavors of seafood culinary tour all you can get here. Various types of sea fish available here at affordable prices such as snapper, skipjack, pomfret, milkfish, tuna, crab, crab, shrimp, grouper, cucut, squid and even small sharks also exist.

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In this beach there are TPI or fish auctions place. So, never be surprised if you visit this Depok beach you will see fishermen activities in the area of ​​the TPI. If you observe, there are some outrigger canoes docked at the beach after a night out. When you approach the boat then you will be able to see the pile of fish in the boat.

If you want to fresh fish, you can buy directly from fisherman at a cheap price rather than in the market. If you look to other parts, you will find a line of fish sellers complete with various types of fish, just choose the type of fish and be cooked all as your request.

The uniqueness in Depok Beach is the number of food stalls that facing the sea. So you can enjoy the food at the stall while enjoy the view on the high seas. But, avoid visiting Depok Beach on Tuesday Kliwon and Friday Kliwon (a Javanese date) because the fishermen will off from the sea according to local beliefs.

Depok Beach is located in Kretek, Bantul, Yogyakarta. The entrance ticket is $0.5, you can use this ticket to enter Parangtritis Beach too. Then main attraction in this beach is the auction fish that allows you to get fresh fish. There are lodging if you want to stay in this beach.

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