Don’t Bother to Go Abroad, There Is a Stonehenge in Yogyakarta

Don’t Bother to Go Abroad, There Is a Stonehenge in Yogyakarta

A number of buildings abroad now can be found in Jogja. If you want to see the Eiffel Tower, the Big Ben, the Pizza Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Dutch Windmill, and some landmark icons from other countries, you can find at Merapi Park.

Beside to landmarks icon from various countries in Merapi Park, there is also a replica of Stonehenge, a relic of prehistoric in the form of large stones. The shape and arrangement of Stonehenge Cangkringan is similar with the original, complete with green grass.

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Enter and sit under the circle will be a different experience. You get not any difficulty to find a good angle to captured. This place is one place with The Lost World Castle. The location is close together. The stone was safe for any visitor.

At the future, you can travel all day by visiting several destinations that planned to be built. Those places are Lost World Castle, Stonehenge, Merapi Coffee, restaurant, and flower garden. To enter this place is charged $0.8, and you can take pictures as much.

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