Don’t Ever Travel to Yogyakarta Before You Did This!

Don’t Ever Travel to Yogyakarta Before You Did This!

Yogyakarta is a city that not easily forgotten. For you who have come to this city, the charm of Yogyakarta as if able to push you to come back to enjoy the exoticism. There are various interesting things that you can enjoy when traveling to Yogyakarta.

Starting from unique tourist destinations to typical culinary tastes. It’s not enough just a day to explore all that stuff. Well, to get your journey to Yogyakarta more easy and convenient, here are some tips that you can apply.

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Don’t Ever Travel to Yogyakarta Before You Did This!

1.      Choose a vehicle or transport

Not all the streets in Yogyakarta can be reached by public transport. The transportation options that have long operational hours are taxis. Of course the cost of taxi is quite expensive. There are also Trans Jogja buses that still operate until 8.30 pm, but with limited area.

The most flexible, practical, and effective choice you can choose to rent a moped. In Yogyakarta, there are a lot of moped rental services at an affordable price. You can order it before you come to Yogyakarta by online or by phone. Some rental services are willing to deliver the moped to your lodging. Don’t forget to prepare the required files of your official identity.

2.      Visit the anti-mainstream attraction

Walk along Malioboro Street is a mandatory activity that should not be forgotten when visiting Yogyakarta. Or, simply by relax while enjoying the warm of wedang ronde in South Square. However, besides visiting these places, it’s good for you to explore various anti-mainstream tourist attractions that quite popular lately.

For example, Sand Dunes, Pine Forests, Breksi Cliffs, Kalibiru, Becici Peak, Karts Tubing, and so on. To get there, you don’t need to worry. Just ask the locals and they will show you the easiest way to get to there. Make sure you also wear the appropriate costumes, so the journey become more comfortable.

3.      Learning to speak Javanese language

Can you speak Javanese language? Visit Yogyakarta will be more smoothly if you have the ability to speak Java. Why is that? The people of Yogyakarta are basically still familiar with Javanese language. In everyday conversations, they prefer to use Java language.

There are several benefits that you can get when you can speak Java. First, you can more easily blend in with the local community. Participating in a conversation at a food stall will be easier to do. And, you can more easily ask some questions about something, like asking the directions.

Other advantage, you have a greater chance to bid on merchandise. The sellers at Beringharjo Market will usually be easy to be generous if you can speak Javanese, even a little.

4.      Know the wind’s direction

The people of Yogyakarta are accustomed to marking a place using the wind direction. For example, a Keraton Jogja is located at the south of Malioboro. Or, Keraton Jogja is facing the north. For the unfamiliar, this is a difficulty. Especially if you were looking for a place and stuck with the explanation of the direction of the wind.

If you already experience this, just explain that you are a visitor who unfamiliar with the wind direction. Thus, the informer will change the format of the explanation. Or, the point is, remember that Mount Merapi is at the north of Yogyakarta. Everything starts from here.

5.      Looking for cheap lodging

Yogyakarta is famous for its tourist density, especially during the holiday season. Don’t expect you can get the lodging just right away when you come into Yogyakarta. Therefore, the best solutions you can do is find and book a hotel.

One of the things to note when looking for lodging is the facilities and it comfort. For example, you may take a look at Prawirotaman Street that became the center of international tourist to get cheap lodging.

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