Enjoy the Greeny Charm of Wanatirta Mangrove Forest Yogyakarta

Enjoy the Greeny Charm of Wanatirta Mangrove Forest Yogyakarta

Wanatirta Mangrove Forest becomes more awareness tourist attraction in Yogyakarta. With all that beauty, it is not a surprise anymore. There are so many interesting natural attractions that are still new. One of tourist attractions that exist are Wanatirta Mangrove Forest.

This tourist place is also presenting a landscape that is so beautiful green. But the difference is that you can feel the different sensation and experience. This one tourist spot is a mangrove forest that the scenery can you enjoy from the bridge that has been provided.

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Through the bridge that can be passed by the tourists, you can see the mangrove forest that is still really pure. It is also necessary to know that actually Wanatirta Mangrove Forest is made with the aim to maintain the surrounding environmental ecosystem.

As you know, the abrasion which caused by sea water was happened. However, getting here and see the existence of this mangrove forest that arranged neatly, of course you can’t forget. You are not only can walk along the bridge to enjoy the view of the mangrove forest, in the same place you can do other activities such as take a pictures.

One of the favorite tourist attractions is located in Pasir Mendit. In order to get to this, the route is fairly good. You can reach this destination by private vehicle for good, there is no public transport that pass this beautiful spot.

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