Enjoy the Loneliness in Bugel Beach Yogyakarta

Enjoy the Loneliness in Bugel Beach Yogyakarta

The name of Bugel Beach seemed to be unknown between the two beaches that flanked, Glagah Beach and Trisik Beach. The beach is located in Panjatan, Kulon Progo, is indeed far from the crowd. There is only one clue to the beach.

You will find streets made from stone, empty fields and the stinging aroma of the home industry of trasi. It is said that Bugel Beach is famous for its violent waves. The fishermen make this beach as a place to catch fish. But mostly, the beach is quiet.

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There was only one fisherman spreading the net and an empty boat leaning against a dry tree. To enjoy the loneliness in this beach, you do not need to pay. There is no entrance ticket, and no parking fee. Although relatively safe, you still need to keep an eye on your vehicles.

Bugel Beach is like a private beach that can make you really free. For you who bring the car, please be careful because the streets are narrow. The width of the road is not enough for two vehicles to pass. The steep and rocky terrain is not recommended for you who are just learning to drive.

Visitors at Bugel Beach are not advised to swim or bathe. High waves may drag you to the ocean. For your information, there is no paramedics like SAR that ready to help. Formerly, Bugel Beach is famous for its iron sands and was used for mining.

Currently the beach is like abandoned. The garbage from the sea accumulates on the beach. The stinging smell comes from dead and decaying marine biota. Though, the shrimp pine trees rise highly and cooling the scorching afternoon.


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