Enjoy the Underwater Beauty of Nglambor Beach through Snorkeling

Enjoy the Underwater Beauty of Nglambor Beach through Snorkeling

Snorkeling now can be done in Jogja! If you are interested in doing this fun activity, just come to Nglambor Beach. Although initially this beach has not been widely known to the public, now Nglombor Beach as a new prima donna in Gunung Kidul.

Besides treated to a stunning natural scenery, snorkeling here does not cost a much. The average one-hour snorkel rental rate is only $3. One package of snorkeling equipment such as a mask, snorkel, and sneakers. But if you have your own Snorkeling tool, don’t forget to bring it while traveling here!

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If you use the services of a guide, usually before going down to sea, you will get initial information from the guide. After that, you can enjoy the beauty of the underwater sea. One must do while snorkeling is relax. Next, enjoy this natural aquarium.

While doing a snorkel, the guide will bring you to certain spots which have many beautiful fish. Although only doing activities in the shallow water, but the vigilance must be kept yes! This activities can be an exciting holiday for you. Especially if do this activity together with your family or close friends.

There is one tip if you want to enjoy snorkeling at Nglambor Beach. Come in on a weekday. In those days, the visitors are less. It’s different when the weekend arrived. One more thing to know is the location to Nglambor Beach is only accessible by motorcycle. The distance of parking are with the beach approximately one kilometer. You can walk or hire a motor-taxi.

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