Enjoy Yogyakarta in Different Way Through Nightlife

Enjoy Yogyakarta in Different Way Through Nightlife

Indonesia also has Yogyakarta as a city that is able to attract many international tourists to visit. Beside to being a “student city”, Yogyakarta also offers a hundred attractions that must be visited when coming to Yogyakarta such as Prambanan Temple that already familiar.

Yogyakarta also has beaches in Gunung Kidul that is famous for its beauty. There is always a longing to return again to this romantic city. Visiting Yogyakarta seems incomplete without enjoying the nightlife. The reason, Jogja always presenting the beauty of the endless night tours.

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Enjoy Yogyakarta in Different Way Through Nightlife

1.      Tugu Jogja

Tugu Jogja known as the landmark of Yogyakarta. This monument is seen shining on the night. This monument is right on the line of Mount Merapi and Keraton Jogja which makes it look beautiful all night. The more the night, the monument is more fascinating. Many people are willing to wait the night to take a photo.

2.      Malioboro Street

Every time, Malioboro always busy visited by local and international tourist. Both day and night, Malioboro still crowded visitors. Besides as a place to shop, Malioboro Street is also very interesting as a place to create your romance with your partner.

3.      Alun-Alun Kidul

This is the uniqueness of Yogyakarta. Not only has one square, but two. There are the South Square and North Square. You who visit this square can rent cars to enjoy the beauty of the city of Yogyakarta in the evening.

4.      Bukit Bintang

This star hill also offers the beauty of a night. This hill is located on the edge of Pathuk Hill. This place is highly recommended to visit during the late evening. From a height of approximately 150 meters, you can enjoy the beauty of the night Jogja which is very beautiful and fascinating.

5.      Rainbow Park

Taman Pelangi is one of the many interesting places that can be visited in Yogyakarta. The park is located on ​​Monjali. The location of this park is very easy to reach because it is right on the highway. Taman Pelangi has two side entrances that is in the West and East, and it is advisable to enter through the East side. Why? Because you will be greeted by a very large lantern.

6.      Zero Kilometer

This point is located at the end of Malioboro Street. Its location is very strategic to make this point zero as a hangout place that will never be quiet, especially for young people. Beside to being a hangout spot, this place also often hold certain events such as art and dance performances.

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