Enjoying the Sunset at Tembelan Hill Yogyakarta

Enjoying the Sunset at Tembelan Hill Yogyakarta

Many attractions with photo spot that really extraordinary beauty. So, besides you can enjoy the nature, you can also capture through photo. Beautiful photos often you see in social media. In Jogja, many photo spots you can visit, not only just see through virtual world.

Some of fascinating attractions that you can find in social media like Kalibiru attraction, Mangunan Fruit Garden, Mangunan Pine Forest, and other good places. There is tourist location with good view due on the hill area. This tourist location is also crowded by domestic and international tourists.

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This location has started to be famous, many are curious to visit here, which is Bukit Tembelan or Jurang Tembelan. Tembelan Hill is located not far from Mangunan Garden Fruit, and the distance is approximately 22 kilometers from Yogyakarta. This location is always full with any kind of visitor, especially at holiday.

Tembelan Hill is very suitable to visit in any moments, more nice scenery when the weather is sunny. The best time to visit Tembelan Hill is at sunrise and sunset. Many pictures of Tembelan Hill already viral in social media, and you can try one.

Tembelan Hill also provided some spots to support the visitor. Some spot that very crowded is the viewing post to enjoy the view all the landscape of Tembelan Hill. Gazebo also provided for the rest areas, some food stalls, parking space, and other public facilities.

If you have enough time, after visit Tembelan Hill, you can stop by in other tourist locations such as Parangtritis Beach or Depok Beach to enjoy a variety of seafood dishes. Those two attraction is very close from Tembelan Hill.

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