Feel the European Nuance in Rumah Paris Yogyakarta

Feel the European Nuance in Rumah Paris Yogyakarta

Want to feel a home like in Europe? No need to go far away if you want to feel the building with a vintage style a la Paris. This western architectural house is owned by Alvita. Since its opening in April 2014, this pastel-colored house began to attract many visitors to come.

Initially this house will be used as a residence, but eventually turned into as a guest house. Almost 70% of customers come from out of town, mostly the info about Rumah Paris comes from social media. There are many visitor who are interested to see, and finally stay there or even just to take pictures.

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To access this authentic home, you can simply drive for 45 minutes from downtown Jogja to Parangtritis Street Km 8. If you want to do a photo session with friends or family, you are only charged $65 for 4 hours duration. If you want to stay, you can rent with 3 categories of room rates.

There is a World Traveler with a price of $50, Shabbylicious at a price of $55, or the most affordable, Beach Cottage for $45. If you want to rent a house in full, the price per day is $150-200, with a maximum capacity of 10 people.

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