For Single Traveler, This 6 Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions Are Suit for You

For Single Traveler, This 6 Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions Are Suit for You

Nothing wrong if traveling alone. Sometime with travel alone, you can understand more about your capability to do something. In Yogyakarta, you can find some spots to enjoy if you don’t have a friend. It’s still the best vacation in Jogja if you alone. For you, don’t forget about these place.

For Single Traveler, This 6 Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions Are Suit for You

1.      Taman Lampion

The northern side of Jogja always has its own uniqueness, Kaliurang Park can be a reference for you to spend night with beautiful night scenery. Being in Gardu Pandang, you can selfie here, or just enjoy the night cool green scenery. The rides start at 4 pm.

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2.      Angkringan Joss Coffee

Joss coffee is really delicious. Well, if you want to spend time in Jogja and you are coffee lover, Angkringan Lik Man provides a typical menu of coffee mixed with charcoal. The name “Joss” itself comes from the sound of burning charcoal when inserted into coffee.

3.      Tugu Jogja

As a landmark of the City of Jogja, Tugu became the location of photos for tourists who visit the city of Jogja. You can meet another travelers from various city or country. Just come here at night, at 10 pm until dawn.

4.      Pecinan Kotabaru

Want to get a friend? Here is the place. Pecinan Kotabaru be one alternative ‘cafe on the street’ with cheap price and you can make a friend with single lady or single man. Simply pay $4, you can order snack until full. Come between 6 pm to get fine table.

5.      Bukit Bintang

The place is located at Wonosari Street Km 16, Srimulyo, Piyungan, Bantul. Bukit Bintang always presents an amazing atmosphere. Jogja night scene is perfect for you to spend time alone here. Just come at 7 pm to get the best spot. If you late, you will get stand alone.

6.      Plengkung Gading

This place is an epic location for you, especially if you want to find some cozy place. Throughout the night, Plengkung Gading often used by young people to spend time. If you want to see the South Square, stay facing north, you can see the twinkling car flickers.


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