For Two Days in Yogyakarta, These Suitable Attractions to Visit

For Two Days in Yogyakarta, These Suitable Attractions to Visit

As the attraction grows, more and more choice of destinations for your holidays in Jogja. For you who plan a vacation in Jogja in the near future, you do not need to worry with the rain that will fall. Jogja can always be enjoyed in all conditions. This itinerary might be an inspiration for 2 days in Yogyakarta.

First Day in Jogja

1.      Breakfast

The first day in Jogja, you can enjoy the breakfast with gudeg. You can start your day with gudeg that will give you an energy to explore Jogja. Many gudeg sellers on the roadside could be an option for breakfast. Do not worry with the quality, even roadside stalls also offer delicious and unique gudeg flavor.

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2.      Ullen Sentalu Museum

After breakfast, you can directly visit Ullen Sentalu Museum located in Kaliurang area. The museum is famous for its complete collection, as well as the architecture and scenery around it which is very beautiful. Here you can enjoy the natural atmosphere typical of the slopes of Mount Merapi while looking at the collection related of Javanese culture.

3.      Lunch

Once satisfied to around Ullen Sentalu Museum, do not forget to enjoy a typical culinary Kaliurang, namely jadah tempe. You can enjoy delicious snack from this sticky rice with tofu or sweet tempe bacem. One of the places you can go to enjoy this snack is Jadah Tempe Mbah Carik located in Kaliurang.

4.      Dome House

Remember the Teletubbies? If you want to see a village with a house like Teletubbies, you can visit the Dome House Complex in Ngepen, Sleman. This area is located about a few meters from Prambanan Temple. Here you can take pictures with a unique dome home setting.

5.      Breksi Cliffs

Still around Prambanan area, you can stop by to Breksi Cliffs. This attraction must be visited and is popular among traveler. Although only the ex mining area, but has been arranged as a tourist area in Jogja which so Instagram-able. You can take photos for Instagram, and enjoy the beautiful view from the cliff.

6.      Dinner

After traveling around Jogja all day, you can end the day with dinner at House of Raminten. You can enjoy a unique dining atmosphere and share a fun stories with friends. But if you want to try something else more challenging, you can also try some extreme culinary options in Jogja.

Day Two in Jogja

1.      Breakfast

A bowl of soup can warm and energize your body. One of the soup that you should try is Soto Bathok Mbah Katro. Here you can enjoy the soto served in a bowl of coconut shell. This soto stall is located in Kalasan area, not far from Adi Sucipto Airport.

2.      Sambisari temple

After breakfast, you can continue the journey to Sambisari temple. The location itself is quite close to Soto Bathok stall, so you do not need all the way to reach this location. Here you can see a historic relic that is quite unique, because the temple complex is located lower than the surrounding ground surface.

3.      Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano

Your journey can be continued to Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano. Although the location is quite far from Jogja, but the beautiful scenery along the way will spoil your eyes. This tourist area consists of an ancient mountain and uphill reservoir. Here you will be able to enjoy the view of the city of Jogja from the height.

4.      Lunch

Furthermore, you can try the typical culinary Gunung Kidul, the red rice. Warm rice made from brown rice will usually be served together with vegetable lombok ijo and typical rustic side dish of Gunung Kidul. You can stop by at Lesehan Pari Gogo located on Wonosari Street to enjoy this culinary.

5.      Monggo Chocolate Factory

Enjoying chocolate may be commonplace, but seeing the process of making it would be an interesting experience. In the Kotagede, you can stop by Monggo Chocolate Factory to see and enjoy chocolate directly at the factory. This chocolate is also one of the famous souvenirs of Jogja.

6.      Dinner at Angkringan

While waiting for the night, you can try to buy batik around Malioboro. Besides shopping, to enjoy the atmosphere of night in Jogja, you can also try to eat in angkringan. Angkringan offers the traditional characteristics of this city. You can find angkringan in almost every corner of Jogja.

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