Fun Route to Ride a Becak (Pedicab, Rickshaw, or Trhee-Cycle) from Malioboro Yogyakarta

Fun Route to Ride a Becak (Pedicab, Rickshaw, or Trhee-Cycle) from Malioboro Yogyakarta

Jogja is one of the tourist city that offers millions of romance. One of the fun things to do while on vacation here is to go around using a rickshaw. Pedicab is a traditional of transportation that still exist in Jogja. There are dozens of pedicab that can be found while you are holiday in this beautiful city.

One location is around Malioboro. Afternoon is the best time to enjoy various angles of Jogja from becak. One of the advantages offered by the pedicab is a minimalist seating, which is only fit only for two people. Of course you can enjoy the quality time while enjoying the panorama.

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Becak (pedicab, rickshaw, or trhee-cycle) is moved by human power, when compared with andong (carriage or wagon-horse), the rickshaws speed will be slower. But you can hunt more photos than usual. There are several routes around Jogja which is very fun to be enjoyed from a pedicab.

First of course around the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAlun-alun Utara (north square). Your trips can be started from Zero Point Zone to Taman Sari. Taman Sari is a beautiful bath complex that will fascinate your eyes. Inside this historic complex, there is also a unique underground mosque with several secret passages.

You can continue to Ngasem area. There are dozens of batik boutiques in Ngasem. Besides offering batik cloth with a variety of patterns, this area also offers a variety of clothing made from batik. Just buy one according your budget.

You can ask the becak drivers to wait for you to shop. Of course you need to give them additional tips for the waiting time. Or, you can specify the price and duration of a rickshaw at the start.

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