Gebang Temple Yogyakarta Tourist Attraction

The temple building is often a witness to the monk’s splendor of past civilization. The temple has a story, background, conflict and even a moral message that is displayed in every part of it. The splendor and beauty of this past story spread throughout the archipelago.

One of them is Gebang Temple, in Gebang, Wedomartani, Ngemplak, Sleman. If you want to visit the temple, you must be patient enough. Besides there is only one signpost, the road to get there is not too smooth. Many stones with huge size scattered along the way.

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Then, a few hundred yards before the entrance, the roads stretched for about 2 meters. For you who bring the car, you must be willing to stop at the end of the road, then continue the journey on foot. The story of this temple began in November 1936, when one of the farmer dig the ground and found the Ganesha Statue.

Then, in 1937 until 1939 this temple was restored. One proof of restoration is seen from the top of the roof shaped Linga Cylinder. The statues of Ganesha, Nandhiswara and Yoni are in the west. The three gods are in the main chamber.

Another uniqueness of this temple is there is no staircase, which usually shaped with terraced stone, to connect the foot of the temple with the main cubicle. Of course, this situation makes it difficult for visitors who want to see the gods.

One of the assumption, this temple created not to be entered. So, anyone who wants to see the gods in the cubicle should use a wooden or bamboo staircase. Ganesha statue in Gebang Temple has a sitting position on top of a yoni behind the temple wall. The top of the temple has a different shape, not a stupa, but phallus on a cushion-shaped.

The House of Sanjaya built Gebang Temple around 730-800 AD. It appears from the shape and the architecture of the temple is plain or without relief. Gebang Temple is actually very small, but the yard of the temple is quite large. This temple is only measuring about 5 x 5 meters.

But with its small size does not reduce the beauty. This is evidenced by the cleanliness and arrangement of the park around the temple. For you who want to visit this temple is a bit difficult to find the location due to its remote location, the signpost to this temple is also obsolete.

You need to ask the residents about the details of this Gebang Temple. If you find it difficult, you can request to be delivered by a motor driver at Condongcatur Market for $1. Meanwhile, the entrance fee of this temple area is relatively cheap, only $0.2 for adults and $0.1 for children.

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