Get You Reversed in Upside Down World Yogyakarta

Get You Reversed in Upside Down World Yogyakarta

The more unique the picture, the more proud you are to share it. The picture in the pose of the foot below and the head above is normal one. However, what if reversed. That’s what the Upside Down World photo offer.

Ordinary house with interesting photo spot is located on the north ring road. The rooms are arranged thematically. When you enter this building, you will see several spots that designed on a particular theme. For example, bedroom, kitchen, work space, family room, and others.

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You must be enthusiastically photographed in each room. However, at some spot you may confused to determine the right angle of view and pose. Unfortunately, there are no guide who tell you what to do. It’s different from De Mata who has guide in any spot.

To be able to take some photos, you must pay $3.5 for children and $6.5 for adults. This unique house is open every day, from 10 am to 7 pm.

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