Gunung Kidul, a Hidden Paradise in the South of Yogyakarta

Gunung Kidul, a Hidden Paradise in the South of Yogyakarta

Long holiday seems to be right time to get a proper holiday. For workers, holiday is like a call from nature to travel and explore around the archipelago while looking at a fresh atmosphere. Well, how about a holiday in Yogyakarta?

In Yogyakarta, there is a hidden area filled with beauty, Gunung Kidul. This area is located quite far from the center of Yogyakarta. At least, you need to drive about 2 hours to the south. However, even so, this place has a lot of beauty on offer. Maybe even, you never imagine before.

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Gunung Kidul, a Hidden Paradise in the South of Yogyakarta

1.      Timang Beach

If you want to feel more adrenaline, while accompanied by beautiful high waves, Timang Beach can be an option. Located not far from Siung Beach and Jogan, this beach has an exciting traditional suspension bridge and cable car with human power.

The beach is also adorned with gorgeous cliffs. Unfortunately, the access to the beach is a bit difficult. You need a private vehicle to get there. Even so, all your efforts can be paid twice through the beauty presented.

2.      Siung Beach

Besides Parangtritis Beach, the southern coastline of ​​Yogyakarta, it does have many white sand beaches that are clean and beautiful. One of them is Siung Beach which is located on the east end.

This beach is quite small with coral cliffs high enough. As if standing firmly to protect the beach. Due to many big rocks, Siung Beach is the best place to do a rock climbing sport. There are more than 200 line, and Siung Beach sometimes held and international event.

3.      Jogan Beach

Jogan Beach is located not far from Siung Beach and Timang Beach. In fact, the three beaches are still located on the same coastline. Actually, this beach is bordered with cliffs and hills. That’s because almost no sand that decorate the beach.

More unique, this beach has a freshwater waterfall that flows and falls directly to the beach. You can also do repling on the waterfall cliff while taking pictures. It’s really a place that you must visit when you vacation on Gunung Kidul.

4.      Pindul Cave

Many say Pindul Cave is a hidden paradise of Gunung Kidul. This predicate is somewhat not right, because already many people know about this cave. Though, Pindul Cave still cool to visit for its natural beauty that still fascinating.

To enjoy all the beauty of Pindul Cave, you can rent inner tubes and buoys to wade the river in the area. The access to this location is easy, because many signboard already available. So, guaranteed you never get lost.


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