Here 5 Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta You Can Reach by Transjogja

Here 5 Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta You Can Reach by Transjogja

The holiday will arrived soon, and many of you are going to play in Jogja to refresh your mood. Jogja presents a variety of cheap and easy attractions to reach by public transportation, Transjogja. Just pay $0.4, you can ride wherever you want. So, these are the attraction you can visit by Transjogja.

Here 5 Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta You Can Reach by Transjogja

1.      Vredeburg Fort

Located in the middle of Jogja, Vredeburg Fort can be the most cool tourist attraction because you can see the historic hall of Yogyakarta and Indonesia at the past time. Arrived on this place, you may also stop by in Zero Kilometer area.

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2.      Taman Pintar

Taman Pintar is located in the downtown Yogyakarta. This attraction is adjacent to several attractions such as Vredeburg Fort and Malioboro Street. This park also not far from Sultan’s Palace. The strategic location makes Taman Pintar easy to visit.

3.      Tugu Jogja

This landmark is a favorite choice of visitors who come to Jogja. If you want to go there, it’s good to come at night because there are more people, and there are a number of cool coffee places near Tugu Jogja.

4.      Taman Pelangi

From Malioboro, you can take Transjogja route 2A and stop at North Ring Road to get in Taman pelangi. At the night, to the Rainbow Park can be a top reference if you want to spend the night. Or, you may visit Monumen Jogja Kembali at the dusk, then stay for a while waiting the Rainbow Park.

5.      Monumen Jogja Kembali

This place has 2 different tourist locations. During the day, you enjoy Monumen Jogja Kembali with a conical architecture that keeps diorama, a replica of a plane, and other. While at night, the museum turned into a beautiful lantern garden.

6.      Affandi Museum

For you who like art, Affandi Museum can be visited. Located on the banks of Gajah Wong River, the museum was the house of art maestro, Affandi, and has a collection of original paintings. There is also a special restaurant for you.

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