Here 7 Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions for Your Kids

Here 7 Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions for Your Kids

The swimming pool, the zoo, and the recreational park are a number of children-friendly attractions. The little must be very enthusiastic to visit these places. Almost in every city, there must be children’s attractions. If you are currently in Jogja, it is very easy to find a number of attractions that suit.

Jogja is a city that provides many historical and cultural sights, and of course children attraction. Here’s a list of children’s attraction in Jogja that would be suit for the little one. Let’s take the kids to these places to enjoy their holidays!

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Here 7 Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions for Your Kids

1.      Domes Tourism Village

There are interesting attraction which is Domes Village. In this place, your kids can meet with Teletubbies. The houses in this area are dome-shaped that resembles the original Teletubbies house. At the weekend, the characters of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala, and Po will come to accompany the visitors.

2.      De Mata Trick Eye Museum

Museums are not always filled with historical items. There is also a fun museum that definitely makes the children enthusiastic to enter it. De Mata Trick Eye Museum is a museum with 2D or 3D images that can “trick” your eye. There is also an area called De Arca, where the children can pose with famous figures, such as Steve Jobs, Joko Widodo, and the characters of The Avengers.

3.      The Lost World Castle

This attraction is located at the foot of Mount Merapi. The concept that presented by The Lost World Castle is really cool and will make you chuckle in awe. There are many interesting photo spots, so it’s no wonder if The Lost World Castle becomes one of the interesting photo spot in Jogja. The kids must be enthusiastic because it makes you feel like you are in different world.

4.      Taman Pintar

Taman Pintar is an educational tourism place. There are a variety of educational rides that come with unique names, such as whispering parabolic, water dancing, wall chants, story pipe, and much more. Taman Pintar also provides Space Science and Technology that make children interested in science. There is also a Profession Room that introduces various professions.

5.      Jogja Bay Waterpark

Children must be very enthusiastic when invited to play water. Especially if you bring your kid to Jogja Bay Waterpark. Jogja Bay Waterpark is the largest, most sophisticated and comprehensive water park in Indonesia. There are 19 exciting rides that are worth to try when you bring your little one here.

6.      Gembira Loka Zoo

Which children are not enthusiastic when invited to take a walk to see the animals at the zoo. When you are in Jogja, take your baby to visit Gembira Loka Zoo. This zoo has a fairly complete collection of animals. There are deer, camels, lions, giraffes, crocodiles, and others. The atmosphere of Gembira Loka Zoo is quite beautiful and comfortable.

7.      Taman Pelangi Monjali

Taking the little to visit an attraction in Jogja does not have to be always during the day. At night, there is a very interesting place to visit with the little one, Taman Pelangi Monjali. This place is only open at night because it shows the beauty of colorful lanterns in various forms. There are some rides, such as trampolines, carousel, ghost castle, mini-rickshaw, and others.


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