Here Are 7 Nightlife in Yogyakarta That So Tempting

Here Are 7 Nightlife in Yogyakarta That So Tempting

Yogyakarta as a magnet of tourists is presenting a beauty that seems endless. Not just a natural attractions such as charming beaches, but also historical and cultural tourism. The romanticism of Jogja in the minds of many traveler, always make them long for.

When dusk drowns, the beauty of Jogja does not necessarily fade. The splendor of this city is just beginning. So, don’t rush back to the bed quickly. Let’s welcome the splendor of Jogja at night!

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Here Are 7 Nightlife in Yogyakarta That So Tempting

1.      Malioboro not only vibrant during the day, even the night was always frenzied

For you who have visited Jogja, of course Malioboro is not stranger thing. Malioboro always crowded at the day, at nightfall and the lights of the city began to burn, Malioboro will show another side that is so charming. Many people who are willing to stop to enjoy the music from angklung music on the sidewalk Maliboro.

2.      See the magical side of Tugu Jogja highlighted with golden lights at night

Tugu Jogja which became the iconic landmark of Yogyakarta certainly has attraction for the tourist. White-painted buildings with golden plates looming at the intersection. If you think Tugu Jogja is ordinary, wait till nightfall. Decorated with city lights, Tugu Jogja looks so dazzling.

3.      Gathering with local in Zero Point Zone

Zero point zone area is a favorite place of young people to hang out or express themselves. You can see the various communities and artists attracting the attention of visitors through their perform. Some imitate bronze statues, dress up ghosts, to dance.

4.      From Bukit Bintang, you will find a panoramic view of the city’s romantic lights

Its name is a Bukt Bintang (star hill), becomes one of the charming places to spend the night. In this place, lined a number of food stalls on the edge of the cliff that offers a variety of food at a cheap price. You can enjoy the roasted corn plus a warm tea accompanied by the charming city lights of Jogja in the distance.

5.      Sekaten in North Square, traditional ritual of Jogja

Various rides are exciting and cheap, such as bianglala, waves banyu, kora-kora, until the haunted house. Every November-December, the northern square became one of the centers of Jogja’s joy in the night. This is where the night market sekaten held every year.

6.      Seeing the Oyot Godhong Cabaret Show which is funny, unique, and entertaining

Want a unique dish, funny, and entertaining? Just look at the Oyot Godhong Cabaret Show that performs every Saturday night on the roof of Mirota Batik, Malioboro. Here, you will be presented with dancing performances and other. Not only Bangkok and Bali who have cabaret show performed by ladyboy, Jogja also have.

7.      Rainbow garden is a romantic place that served by Monumen Jogja Kembali

Monumen Jogja Kembali (Monjali) is located on North Ring Road. Besides containing historical records and commemorate the hero of independence, this monument turned out becomes romantic at night. In the yard of Monjali, there are lively luminaries, jazz music shows and a variety of toys and food all spilled here.

8.      Finally, let’s spend the night in angkringan accompanied by a cup of coffee

Enjoying the night atmosphere in Jogja certainly not complete without sit down in angkringan accompanied by a cup of coffee. Every night, Angkringan Lik Man on Tugu Railway Station and Angkringan KR in Margo Utomo Street always crowded with young people. Shabby simple mats become their pedestals while chatting and sipping the warm coffee.

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