Here Are 9 Tips Before Buy a Souvenir in Malioboro Yogyakarta

Here Are 9 Tips Before Buy a Souvenir in Malioboro Yogyakarta

Who does not know Malioboro? This shopping paradise in Yogyakarta is one of the favorite places for foreign and international tourists. Various kinds of goods sold along the road with a cheap price and good quality. Or, you just want to refresh your eyes. Who knows it could be a fun experience.

Not only that, you can explore the street, shopping, or just see the traders who sell a lot of interesting items. This place is guaranteed to make you crazy. Well, to avoid being more consumptive and shopping activities remain comfortable and safe, just see these tips.

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Here Are 9 Tips Before Buy a Souvenir in Malioboro Yogyakarta

1.      Prepare cash for shopping and for parking fee

Sure in some locations along Malioboro Street has provided an ATM machine to take money. But it would be nice if you have prepared cash. Because not all traders, especially in the corner, can make payment with ATM.

2.      Make a list of items to be purchased

You can make a list of what items you should buy first. After that you can write a list of gifts for friends for example. Not only that, it better if you also make the details of the cost. Besides being able to hold the pocket while shopping, you can also learn to be more careful in every spending.

3.      Dare to bid and prepare a surefire bid

Although Malioboro already famous to international tourists, but this place is still a traditional market. In order to get a low price, you must dare to bid below the normal price. You can try to bargain 50% of the price offered, if the merchant does not want to, stay away. But if the seller just letting you go, don’t be disappointed, there are still many merchants along the way.

4.      Don’t rush to buy, find a suitable first

Malioboro is able to satisfy your desire. Traders are ready to peddle goods along the long roads. The items are very diverse, ranging from batik, t-shirts, to accessories. What is clear when you walk down to Malioboro, look for things first, don’t buy immediately. Don’t let you just get ‘black-eyes’ and regret because there are goods at low prices elsewhere.

5.      Act like you never need it

Try to don’t look like a needy person. The more you want the souvenir, then the seller can take advantage of this situation by raising the price higher. Especially for the girls who have a hobby shopping, your mental are really tested. Just act like you never need it.

6.      Wear a simple and don’t overdo it

Believe it or not, your appearance can also affect to the price of goods. You can get the same item at a different price depending on how you look. Just wear everyday clothes. Avoid become the center of attention and people who don’t know how to dress properly in appropriate place.

7.      Learn the local language, at least a general conversation to bid

If you visit a place, especially Jogja who has a local language, it wouldn’t hurt you to learn some languages ​​for standard conversation. You don’t have to speak Javanese all the time, just enough conversation to greet and bargain goods. In order for you to easier in bargaining goods.

8.      Take care of the valuables thing you carry

The fun of shopping can sometimes make you unaware. Fun shopping is okay, but that doesn’t mean you are less aware. You can use a simple bag and safe. Then located the bag on the front of your body so you can more easily to watch it. Put money that you carry not in one place, but scattered. This is especially helpful if your wallet is stolen, dropped, or lost.

9.      Invite friends to accompany shopping activities

Friends can help you when you choose items to buy. Especially if your friends live in Jogja and often spend in Malioboro, the recommendation can be very meaningful. You can also get a cheaper price without worrying about the local language that you have not mastered. Especially if your friend is a girl, surely you can get a cheaper price.


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