Here Are Some Perfect Places in Yogyakarta to Enjoy Your Holiday

Here Are Some Perfect Places in Yogyakarta to Enjoy Your Holiday

Vacation is always fun, anytime anywhere. Especially if during a holiday. Holiday is the right time to spend a moment with family. Before determining where the destination, you may consider to visit Jogja. Many tourist locations that is easy to visit in Yogyakarta.

One of the destinations that become a sea of ​​people when the holidays arrive is the beach. In Jogja there are two districts that offer charming coastal charm. Bantul, the southern side of Jogja is known for Parangtritis Beach and Kwaru Beach as well as other beaches.

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The other is the beach located in ​​Gunung Kidul like Nglambor Beach, Watulawang, Sarangan, Ngandong, and many more. The beach certainly becomes one of the favorite destinations when the holidays arrive. If you have the same thoughts, of course the beach will be crowded.

But not with this city, because Yogyakarta has hundreds beaches. Although both region are in Jogja, but the access to the beach is very different. Beaches in Bantul offer more accessible flat road access. While the area of ​​Gunung Kidul is a mountainous with the streets up and down.

Because it is located in different areas, of course the beaches in these two areas offer a different charm. But overall, the beach in ​​Gunung Kidul looks more exotic with more diverse scenery. Besides the beach, Jogja also offers dozens of interesting museums.

One of the highly recommended to visit is Ulen Sentalu Museum located on Kaliurang Street. Besides you will be pampered with classical historical knowledge, the museum area also offers a beautiful panorama and cool mountain air.

Not only that, in ​​Kaliurang you can hunt some herbs, or enjoy delicious snack jadah tempe. From downtown Jogja, Kaliurang can be reached for about one hour only. Another family vacation spot is Gembira Loka Zoo.

This zoo will not only collect of animal diversity, but also games and a variety of exciting new facilities. Now Gembira Loka Zoo offers a new spot called Bird Park. If you curious with the various facilities in this bird park, just come to Gembira Loka Zoo in the downtown Yogyakarta.

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