Here is How to Explore Yogyakarta with Only $50!

Here is How to Explore Yogyakarta with Only $50!

Who doesn’t know Yogyakarta? The city is filled with a lot of historical stories and Javanese traditions with exotic charm for tourists. Famous with tourist attraction and always filled with tourists from local and international. Though, lot of tourist destinations have an affordable price.

Well, for you who want to explore Yogyakarta with a limited budget, you don’t have to fear not get anything there. For sure, this city is famous for its cheap foods and tourist attraction with affordable prices to visit.

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In fact, with $60 you can enjoy your holidays in Yogyakarta with full of memories. Wondering how? Here are tips to holidays to Yogyakarta with only $50.

Here is How to Explore Yogyakarta with Only $50!

1.      Taman Sari Water Castle, $0.4

Taman Sari water palace was built in 1758-1759 by the King of Yogyakarta. Formerly, Taman Sari Water Castle is a very cool and beautiful building. With only $0.4 you can see the beauty and uniqueness of Java in ancient times that remain awake until today.

2.      Ratu Boko Temple, $0.8

Ratu Boko Temple is a magnificent palace complex that built in the 8th century. To enjoy Ratu Boko Temple, you just spend $0.8. Only with this number, you can enjoy the historic site which surely can give you special moment during holiday in Yogyakarta.

3.      Ullen Sentalu Museum, $2

The ticket prices to enter Ullen Sentalu Museum that located in Pakem, Kaliurang, is only $2. With the concept of old ancient Mataram kingdom, this museum displays the culture and life of Yogyakarta in that time.

4.      Pindul Cave, $3

Pindul is a natural cave that located in Bejiharjo, Gunung Kidul. You can enjoy the beauty of this cave with an underground river. Just with $3, you can immediately enjoy the beauty of Pindul cave and do cave tubing. This place is perfect for you who want to take pictures and share the pleasure with your friends in social media.

5.      Parangtritis Beach, $4

This beach is famous for the mythical queen of the south coast. Parangtritis Beach offers the beauty of the southern coastal style to the visitors. You only need to pay $0.2 for the ticket, and rent an ATV for $4 for 15 minutes.

6.      Merapi lava tour, $25 for 4 people

For you who want to experience wildlife-style trips in Mount Merapi, you can do tracking with Jeep cars in the volcanic area. The cost you spend for tracking to ​​Merapi by Jeep for 2 hours ranges from $25 for 4 people. Or charged $6 for each person.

7.      Culinary tour

Yogyakarta is famous for its friendly culinary attraction to travelers’ pockets. You can enjoy various foods at very affordable prices, for example eat at Bale Raos only need $2.5, klatak satay for $1.6, Gudeg Pawon $2.7, and buy souvenirs typical Jogja like Bakpia Pathok for $2.

If you spend your time to visit the attraction and culinary place at the top, you just spend the about $50 only! With any promo or discount, you may get cheaper and you can save your pocket more. It worth to try, considering the many beautiful and historic sights you can visit and some delicious food you can try.

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