Here Some Anti-Mainstream Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta

Here Some Anti-Mainstream Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta

Jogjakarta doesn’t only about Malioboro or Parangtritis Beach. But there are some Jogja anti mainstream attractions that will make your vacation becomes more exciting. Traveling around the city of Jogjakarta and exploring attractions in Jogjakarta will not be completed if you do it in just a day.

At least you should spend your vacation time up to a week to ensure that you get all the best spots to spend your vacation. Vacation in Jogjakarta is fun if you do with a group. Especially for young people who don’t like the usual vacation, then some anti-mainstream attraction in Jogja you can try.

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Many unusual activities you can do in some tourist attraction. So you will not be afraid to run out of ideas for exciting holiday activities in Jogjakarta. This city has a myriad of exciting and amazing locations, and it not enough if you explore it in a short time. Even some new exciting spots are always found.

New Jogja tourist icon that must be visited is also quite a lot. It guaranteed the idea of ​​vacation to Jogja will never make you bored. Of course with the existence of some attractions you will be able to enjoy the view of Jogja from the other side. First you can visit Timang Beach. This beach can be regarded as a new tourist icon that you must try.

This beach has a traditional cable car that is guaranteed to make your holiday in Jogja become anti mainstream. Originally, this traditional cable car is used by fishermen to bring the catch to the mainland. The reason for making this vehicle because the ocean beneath it is very heavy and dangerous.

But now, the function of cable car has increased. Beside to helping fishermen to cross the other side, it is also used for tourist activities which guaranteed make your adrenaline spurred. The next location which is also anti mainstream is Breksi cliff. This cliff is one tourist attraction that you must visit.

The limestone hill is very Instagram-able is quite beautiful. For you who like selfie, you should not miss the opportunity to take pictures with the background of this amazing scenery. The cliff is classified as new, but the visitors who want to enjoy the scenery is quite crowded and always full.

The last location is Abang Temple. If you imagine this temple will resemble like a Prambanan Temple or a Borobudur Temple, then you are wrong. The temple here is just a high mound of land. It could even be said that this mound of land resembles a hill of Teletubbies.

Maybe you are familiar with Teletubbies series. The main attraction is where the sun will rise and sink in this hill. So when you visit the temple, you can have a nostalgic time.

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