Here Some Culinary Menus in Yogyakarta That Make Your Mouth Will Burn

Here Some Culinary Menus in Yogyakarta That Make Your Mouth Will Burn

During this, some culinary of Yogyakarta is synonymous with sweetness taste. Call it gudeg, bakpia, or geplak. But you know, even synonymous with culinary sweet, there are some culinary with spicy taste. Even so spicy, the culinary is able to “burn” your tongue. Here’s a list of some spicy culinary in Jogja.

Oseng-oseng Mercon

From the color, oseng-oseng mercon looks capable to burn your tongue. Dense and greasy red, a fusion of chili mixed with beef fat. Usually, the portion of chili is much more than the portion of meat, it’s no wonder if it feels very spicy. Oseng-oseng mercon most delicious enjoyed with a plate of hot white rice. Blobs of fat in oseng-oseng will melt into oil that smear your rice.

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You must quickly eat it, because if it is cold the fat will clot. In closing, a cup of hot tea can be a remedy of the spicy flavor that burns your tongue. To enjoy oseng-oseng mercon, you can visit Jl. KH. Ahmad Dalan, Yogyakarta. Along the way there are many stalls oseng-oseng mercon. Usually these stalls open from afternoon until evening.

Entok Slenget

Perhaps this culinary you rarely hear. This is make sense, considering not many stalls that serve entok slenget as the main menu. Based on swan meat, this culinary is stir-fry dish because it has a dark brown gravy. The presentation entok slenget is also accompanied by pieces of cabbage and cucumber.

One of the popular stalls is Entok Slenget Kang Tanir located in Randusongo, Donokerto, Turi, Sleman. In this place, entok slenget served with a choice of spicy or super spicy flavor. It’s guaranteed to burn your tongue!

Ceker Ranjau Umi

From the name, this culinary has been able to “blow up” your lips and tongue. Ceker Ranjau Umi is famous for having a very spicy taste. This is not just spicy, but also delicious so that makes you tempted to come back again. Ceker as the main ingredient of this culinary, processed in such a way that has a soft texture.

When you bite it, the claw meat will be easily detached from the bone. The combination of taste and a spicy flavor will shake your tongue. Ceker Ranjau Umi is located on Jl. Solo Babarsari Km 7, No. 210 and on Jl. Glagahsari no. 36.

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