Here the Cost to Ride Andong or Delman in Yogyakarta

Here the Cost to Andong or Delman in Yogyakarta

Holiday season brings its own fortune for people who work as andong driver. On an ordinary day, to ride andong you must pay $5. But for the holiday season, to ride andong you must pay at $8.5. The reason is because andong users are increase during the holiday season.

At least, the andong owner can take tourists 5 to 6 every day. Beside to the weekend, visitors are usually quite quiet. So, the best time to enjoy andong is on a normal day. Besides the price is cheaper, the visitors are not too much.

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For your info, $5 just for one way only. If you want to ride andong again, you have to pay again with the same amount. In general, tourists who ride andong want to go to Keraton Yogya, Rotowijayan area, Bakpia Pathuk, and go back again to Malioboro.

This is become a favorite route for tourist, because many of them who buy souvenirs along the way. Indeed, in malioboro you can found many delman or andong that ready to take you anywhere. The price to ride andong from malioboro is cheaper when compared from other places.

In Sosrowijayan area for example, the price for single ride is $7 for one way. You can get a cheaper price if you want to bid. But you should not, because that amount is only enough to feed his horse and cart maintenance.

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