Here to Get Cheap Holiday in Yogyakarta for Backpacker

Here to Get Cheap Holiday in Yogyakarta for Backpacker

Jogja, is one of the cities in Indonesia that has its own uniqueness. In addition, Jogja also has its own strength and characteristic in the field of tourism. Lots of tourists who visit this city of Jogja. Many tourists like this city because of its simple, culturally friendly environment, and friendly people.

Besides cultural tourism, Jogja is famous for its endless natural surroundings, ranging from mountains, beaches, caves, waterfalls, lakes, everything is here! Jogja has a very strategic geographic location, in the middle of Java Island. Jogja can be achieved using any mode of transportation, and it suit for you to get cheap holiday with backpacker style.

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1.      Transportation to Jogja

Lots of transportation can be used to go to Jogja, because of its strategic location in the middle of Java Island. For you who are outside Java, you can get direct flight to Adisucipto Airport Yogyakarta, and continue by the bus. You also can ride by train. Lots of economic class arrived in Lempuyangan Station from various cities.

The price of economic train to Jogja is around $10, from other cities, the price is almost the same. Or, you take a ride by bus. Many buses from various cities arrive at Giwangan Bus Station. The last one is a road trip! The advantages of this road trip, you can stop anytime and visit every attraction that you passed.

2.      Lodging in Jogja

Lots of lodging in Jogja, ranging from expensive hotel class to cheap. For backpackers, the cost of lodging under $15. The first area with many cheap lodgings are at Sosrowijayan Street. This road is located next to Malioboro. Besides to its cheap price, the location is close to the center of the crowd. Even many homestay here priced under $10, depending on your negotiations and facilities.

The second area is at Prawirotaman Street. This area is still a bit rare in Indonesian tourists, more often visited by international tourists. Many cheap lodgings here, ranging from $10 for night. Prawirotaman Street is relatively quieter than Sosrowijayan Street. Lots of bars and unique restaurants you can find here.

3.      Transportation in Jogja

As a backpacker, many visitor prefer their own way rather than following the tour package. Besides cheaper, you can go anywhere you want. To get around the city of Jogja, there are many options. The first by public transport, but I don’t recommend it because it is still rare and inflexible. Unless you want to travel around the city, there is a TransJogja which costs only $0.3 in any direction.

The second is to rent a motorcycle or car. Motorcycle rental price in Jogja is around $5 and car price is $30 at average price for 24 hours. By renting a motorcycle or car, you can go wherever you want. It is much cheaper if you with some friends, so you can share to pay rental.

4.      Places of Interest in Jogja

For the tourist attraction, Jogja has many, ranging from mountains to beaches. Since its location away from the city center, then you are encouraged to rent a vehicle in order to reach. Jogja has a lake in Kalibiru, has a beautiful mountain in Mount Ngglanggeran, has a cool cave in Pindul, and clusters of beach along the Gunung Kidul.

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