Holiday in Yogyakarta? It’s No Problem if You Know This

Holiday in Yogyakarta? It’s No Problem if You Know This

Feel a newbie about traveling? Want to try traveling first? Still afraid to travel far away? Just go to Jogja if you determine the holiday destination. It would be difficult to find a reason why Jogja can’t be a holiday destination. Don’t be afraid to visit Yogyakarta as long as you know these things.

Holiday in Yogyakarta? It’s No Problem if You Know This

1.      Easy Transport Access

Got more budget and want to fast arrival? You can choose your favorite airline. Almost all national airlines have a flight routes to Jogja. The flight hours is also flexible, from morning to night there is always a flight to Jogja, and also from Jogja to various purposes.

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There is still an option if you have a limited budget, by a train or bus. Executive train until economy class are available. Just adjust it with your travel budget. If you ride a train, you can directly go to the center of the crowd, like Malioboro. The distance is only a few steps from Yogyakarta Station, and not far from Lempuyangan Station.

2.      Hotel is Not a Problem

Regardless of your lodging budget, there is always a solution. A five star hotel to an efficient homestay is in Jogja. Homestay or hostel usually charge a cheap price. If you want to enjoy luxurious facilities, many choices of star hotels in various locations in Jogja.

Going with friends or family? You can choose a guest house or hostel you like. Sosrowijayan or Malioboro area can be an attractive choice, because there are many cheap accommodation options. Or, you may see at Prawirotaman Street where many international tourist stay.

3.      Hungry Stomach is Easy

The primary human need of this one is not negotiable. This one problem will not be a burden of your mind while in Jogja. Find a cheap place to eat and the menu does not matter? Approaching the street area, many food stalls usually sell a cheap food menu. Try to eat in angkringan that easy to find.

Jogja typical food such as gudeg, chicken bacem, klathak satay, Javanese noodles, are so easy to meet. If you want to find a comfortable atmosphere to have a chat, relax, as well as appreciate the sound of Jogja, many cozy restaurant and café wait.

4.      Best Travel Destinations

What you are looking for if you get in Jogja? Beaches, temples, adventures, shopping, culinary, cultural events, whatever. There will never be an endless exploration of Jogja. World-famous destinations, Prambanan Temple, are easily accessible by public transport. The exotic lined up in Gunung Kidul.

Exciting cultural events also presented at a certain time. Enjoy the green panorama of trees and artificial lake, just go to Kulon Progo. There are many tourist destinations in Jogja that you can choose yourself, depend on your budget and time you have.

5.      Jogja at Night Always Being Memory

Believe it, it’s okay. Jogja at night is very different than afternoon. There is always a moment of self-memories for people who have already set foot here. Go to Tugu Jogja in the evening, or enjoy the atmosphere of the crowd in South Square. Almost every night Tugu Jogja always enlivened by people who take picture.

There are street artists who perform with a certain character. Be careful if you want to take pictures in Tugu, because the traffic of vehicles around it. In Alun-alun Kidul, you will be entertained with bright lights from odong-odong that you can rent. There are still many memorable spots in Jogja that you can explore.

6.      Souvenirs that Can’t Be Missed

It has become an unwritten law if you visit Jogja you must bring a souvenir. Not a difficult problem if you want to find souvenirs typical of Jogja. Along Malioboro Street crammed with souvenirs, from clothing, key chains, ornaments, and so on. If you want to buy in bulk, go to Beringharjo Market as well.

Batik shirts are available in Beringharjo in cheap price, as well as traditional Jogja food. About food, you are also obliged to buy some food in various souvenir centers spread in Jogja. Bakpia, yangko, or other typical Jogja food can be found here.

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