How to Make a Travel Cost to Yogyakarta Much Cheaper?

How to Make a Travel Cost to Yogyakarta Much Cheaper?

You can make the travel cost to Jogja much cheaper or more efficient, and avoid excess budget. Although Jogja is known as a cheap city, but you can actually save more. The cost of travel to Jogja today is still cheaper compared with other city.

Budget travel to Jogja must covers all the needs, ranging from hotels, transportation, consumption, and also the attractions. Maybe, I can help you to determine the travel cost to Jogja to be much cheaper and more efficient, but not leave the comfort and the safety during in Jogja.

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How to Make a Travel Cost to Yogyakarta Much Cheaper?

1.      Cheap hotel in Jogja

First, you have to determine the hotel that is suit with your pocket. For cheap hotel in Jogja, it costs around $6. In general, many visitors looking for hotels close to Malioboro. So many hotels around Malioboro provide a fairly expensive price compared to other hotels with the same class.

Though, there are still many hotels close to Malioboro that provided a cheap price. Some cheap hotels near Malioboro are located in certain area, such as in Sosrokusuman Street, Sosrowijayan Street, and Dagen Street. Well, now you can call the hotel for booking.

2.      Tourism attraction in Jogja

The selection of tourist attraction also affect the travel cost in Jogja. With a short time, you should be able to choose a variety attraction in Jogja. If you are the first time to visit Jogja, you should choose the famous attractions and Icon from Jogja. Such as Prambanan Temple, Mount Merapi, Ratu Boko Temple, Keraton Jogja, Malioboro, and Bringharjo Market.

If you’ve been to Jogja, you can enjoy the attractions that are being discussed. These attraction include Kalibiru, Sermo Reservoir, Ngglanggeran Ancient Volcano, Pindul Cave, Oyo River, and Sri gethuk Waterfall. Or, you can enjoy special attraction such as Paragliding at Parang Endog, Snorkeling at Sadranan Beach, Sandboarding in Parangkusumo Desert, and much more.

3.      Rent a moped or a car

You must choose the right transport. Transportation is very important, considering the public transportation in Jogja is still limited. So you really need to rent a moped or a car in Jogja. The selection of your attractions also determine the type of transportation you should rent.

But rent a moped in Jogja is perfect because it flexible. But if you are with your family, then rent a car in Jogja is also the right choice. You can also do a combination to rent a moped or a car by looking at the distance of each attraction.

4.      Eating cost in Jogja

You don’t need to worry about the eating cost in Jogja, because Jogja is a cheap culinary city. So the cost of consumption is still affordable. If you are in tourist attraction, look for an angkringan. The price of food and drinks in angkringan are not much different from elsewhere, the total cost is still cheaper but you are full.

Beside that, you try to find soto or pecel outside the attraction. Never buy food or drink inside the tourist attraction, because the price is more expensive. So you should eat first before heading to the attractions, or in the middle of the road you stop by for culinary tours first.

5.      Travel cost calculation to Jogja

After all, how much the travel cost to Yogyakarta then? Let’s simulate the cost if you travel to Jogja with 2 days 1 night. For attraction in Jogja, let’s just say you are the first time, you may choose Prambanan Temple $5, Keraton Jogja $0.4, Taman Sari $0.4, shopping in Malioboro $8. The total cost to visit those attraction are $13.8, while the hotel cost $6.
If you rent a moped in Jogja, just pay $5.5 for 24 hours. For the gas $4 for 2 days. The cost of parking $2 for 10 times. The eating cost in Jogja is $1 a plate. So for 2 days 1 night, you need to eat about 5-6 times, and it cost $5-6. At least, the travel cost to Yogyakarta is under $50.

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