How to Traveling in Yogyakarta with Minimum Budget?

How to Traveling in Yogyakarta with Minimum Budget?

Want to vacation, but confused where to go because your budget is very limited. Do not worry, because you can enjoy the city of Yogyakarta as a destination. But, first, you need to see these tips and tricks. Check out the steps below.

How to Traveling in Yogyakarta with Minimum Budget?

1.      Buy tickets ahead of time

If you choose public transportation to go to Yogyakarta, you better use the train. It is still faster than riding with other public transport like a bus or other vehicle. With the economy class, you can spend only $8 for the ticket.

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2.      Use a motorcycle or car rental

Instead of using public transport, it’s good to rent a motorcycle if you just go alone. But if you travel with a group, it is better to rent a car. The price is quite diverse, to rent a motor you can be charged $5 and $30 for car in a day. By using the rental service, you don’t have to wait for public transport.

3.      Find affordable lodging

Yogyakarta is a paradise for cheap lodging. You can find near Tugu Yogyakarta or Lempuyangan Railway Station for cheap lodging in the next few days. There, you can find a variety of prices, around $8. You can find any type of lodging with fairly affordable price.

4.      Find a low budget vacation spot

The natural beauty of the city of Yogyakarta is no doubt. Not only the amazing nature, the cultural attraction can also be achieved with a very affordable price. Most of tourist attractions in the city are cheap enough, under $1.

Want to a cool area, you can go to ​​Bantul or Gunung Kidul which are very exciting with the nature. But if you want to enjoy the culture of the city of Yogyakarta, just visit Keraton Jogja, Taman Sari, Kota Gede, Alun-alun, or other historical museum.

5.      Eat and drinks cheap

One more reason to choose Yogyakarta as a vacation spot is about cheap food. Not only cheap, but also delicious. At night, you can find hundreds of angkringan that can be enjoyed. Tongseng, gudeg, liwet rice, oseng-oseng mercon, klathak satay, to jadah tempe, all you can taste in Yogyakarta.

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