Hutan Pinus Mangunan: The Best Attraction in Jogja to Take Prewedd and Selfie

Hutan Pinus Mangunan: The Best Attraction in Jogja to Take Prewedd and Selfie

Pine Forest Mangunan is relatively a new attraction in Jogja. In this area you can see rows of pine trees. The morning sun sneak out through the cracks of pine shoots, refracting the beautiful golden lines. The light then reflected in the dew that remains in the leaves, creating a beautiful fine mist.

This is the picture you can get when you visit the Pine Forest Mangunan, or better known as the Imogiri Pine Forest. Pine trees stand straightly and lined up regularly in an area of ​​500 ha. When the wind blows, there will be a natural harmony that comes from the rustle of leaves. The distinctive aroma of the pine forest is sharp.

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No wonder many visitors who fall in love with this area, willing to visit again to enjoy the typical atmosphere. The pine forest of Mangunan not only promises peace for the soul. This place also offers a beautiful view to camera shots, no wonder if Pines Mangunan became one of the favorite photo spot.

Not only tourists who want selfie, couples who want to get married make this place as the location of their pre wedding. With the right angle, the photographs are set in lush pine forest setting Hollywood movie. For you who like adventure, you can trekking follow Watu Abang outbound path to the spring water curve.

Puncak Mangunan Forest is located in Dlingo, Mangunan, Bantul. There is no entrance fee to pay. You only need to pay a parking area about USD 0.2 for motorcycles and USD 0.8 for cars. There is no public transport to pine forest areas, you are advised to take private vehicles.

From Yogyakarta can take route Yogyakarta bus station to Imogiri Timur street, later you will see the direction board to Pine Forest Mangunan. If you come here, you can also stop by to taste the most delicious satay, which is Sate Klathak Imogiri. It’s worth to try!

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