Indrayanti Beach Yogyakarta, a Romantic Beach from Jogja

Indrayanti Beach Yogyakarta, a Romantic Beach from Jogja

Indrayanti Beach is one beach in Yogyakarta that you should visit because it beautiful and romantic. The name of this beach sounds a bit strange, because its name is more like a Javanese woman’s name. The beach is located in Ngasem, Tepus, Gunung Kidul.

This beach is lined with other beaches such as Baron Beach and Krakal Beach. Indrayanti Beach is located just on the east side of Sundak Beach. Both are separated by coral hills. Indarayati Beach offers a unique panoramic beauty compared to other beaches in Gunung Kidul.

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Not only the splendid white sand dunes or the majestic hills of coral rocks, the crystal clear sea water that looks clean invites the tourists to swim. The sea water in Indrayanti Beach is indeed clean, clear, and natural. That’s why many tourist like to swim and play on the water at Indrayanti Beach.

About culinary dishes, Indrayanti Beach also offers a series of enticing dishes. In this area, you are not only spoiled by the beauty of beach tourism, but also can freely enjoy a variety of culinary. You can find dish of fried rice, meatball, soto, gudeg, and others.

But of course the menu is more dominated by seafood considering its location. Not only cafes and restaurants, there are also a number of lodging for you who want to spend vacation on this pretty calm wavy beach. From cafes, restaurants, to lodgings, everything is designed overlooking to the beach.

At nightfall, Indarayanti Beach able to bring a different atmosphere. The gazebos lined to the shores look really beautiful with lights flashing dimly. If you come together with a lover, you can find the feel of a romantic nuance in the beach area.

More complete by dinner with a loved one, accompanied by a sea breeze and the sound of the waves. What a wonderful memory! After enjoying a culinary dish, you can try another experience by walking towards the hill in the east. It may be a bit tiring, but will be paid off when you arrive at the top.

From its peak, you can see the vast Indian Ocean landscape stretching along the horizon. The occasional gulls flew carrying weeds to make a nest interspersed with the breeze of the sea, just like an orchestra of nature. Beautiful and soothing.

As dusk arrives, here is the best spot to get the sunset. To go to Indrayanti Beach, the trip is fairly easy. But you are still advised to bring your own vehicle, because from downtown Yogyakarta is still not available public transport that can take you to Indrayanti Beach.

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