Jemparingan, a Traditional Archery Attraction in Yogyakarta

Jemparingan, a Traditional Archery Attraction in Yogyakarta

Archery has now become a competitive sport. In general, the archery sport is done with a standing position, but it different case with jemparingan. Jogja typical sports this one is done by sitting cross-legged and wearing a complete sorjan (traditional Javanese costume) suit and blangkon.

As one of the traditional sports, of course jemparingan also use traditional equipment as well. Bows and arrows used in this old sport is made of a special type of bamboo, which is petung bamboo. This type of bamboo has a large size, and grow only in the highlands.

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Besides petung bamboo, other types of wood that can be used to make jemparingan equipment is walikukun wood and lime wood. The word jemparing itself is taken from the Javanese language means an arrow. Initially this activity is an exercise performed by the soldiers of the palace.

Along with the time, now jemparingan transformed into one of the traditional sports in Jogja. Because of its history, this sport is also known by with Mataraman Traditional Archery. The archers who follow this event will conquer the target at a distance of 30 meters.

But for beginner archers, the distance can be adjusted between 10 to 20 meters only. Once ready, launch the arrows to the available targets. If you are curious to enjoy the cultural nuances in jemparingan, just come to Karangnongko RT 09 RW 13, Maguwoharjo, Depok, Sleman. To enjoy this traditional archery, just pay $25.

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