Jogan Beach Yogyakarta, the Uniqueness of Waterfall

Jogan Beach Yogyakarta, the Uniqueness of Waterfall

Please note that among the dozens of coastal tourism in Yogyakarta, Jogan Beach is the most unique beaches. In other words, there is a privilege of this beach that is not owned by other beaches in Gunung Kidul. At Jogan Beach you can find the waterfalls right on the sea lip that may rarely found.

It is a fascinating charm that amazes you when you see a work of nature where waterfalls fall into the sea lips from behind a hidden karst hill. Visiting this attractions will be a memorable story. Not only related to culture and historical relics, Yogyakarta’s wealth of beautiful beaches.

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Starting from beautiful panorama at Parangtritis Beach, Indrayanti Beach, Baron Beach, and this Jogan Beach. To enter here, you only need to pay entrance ticket at $0.5. Jogan Beach is flanked by limestone hills. The waterfall for a moment will remind you to the beautiful McWay Beach Waterfall in California.

Several years ago, the beauty of Jogan Beach has not been so exposed. Jogan Beach is located in the west of Siung Beach which famous for climbers. But unfortunately, the beauty of waterfalls in Jogan Beach is actually more interesting in the rainy season.

During the dry season, the water is very low. If you want to feel the pleasure of waterfall from the cliff, you have to go down. Please be careful because the path is quite slippery and always wet. You can use the wooden handles that have been provided.

After the slippery rocks have passed, you have to avoid a rock path that full of crabs with transparent colors. But you don’t have to worry, because this crab is not dangerous. Generally, locals love to take the crabs to be cooked into a side dish when the rainy season arrives.

There is still another way to go down the cliff with the canyoning technique or rappelling. You have to wear an equipment. If you lucky, you can watch hundreds of wild butterflies playing on dry stones.
Once down, you will be able to enjoy the magic of charming Jogan Beach.

As far as the eye can see, the twilight sky over the Indian Ocean looks amazing and you can be a witness. While the thundering sound of waterfalls seemed to be chanting a natural orchestra. The sound of this waterfall sounds rumbling in the ears, but this is the best moment you can enjoy.

The stunning natural charm and beautiful panorama of the sky you can enjoy all in Jogan Beach. Jogan Beach is located in Purwodadi, or about 70 kilometers from downtown Yogyakarta. It takes about 2 hours to arrive.

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