Jomblang Cave Yogyakarta, the Charm of Heaven Light from Ancient Forest

Jomblang Cave Yogyakarta, the Charm of Heaven Light from Ancient Forest

Jomblang Cave is a real example of how Jogja tourism can be a tremendous attraction for tourists who love adventure in nature. This is not discussing Yogyakarta which is identical with Malioboro or Keraton, but Yogyakarta from another angle in the form of nature tourism that is challenging.

Jomblang Cave has an interesting natural charm, especially for those who like adventure or challenge. Jomblang Cave is able to give you an extraordinary experience. The existence of Jomblang Cave has been recognized internationally.

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This is proved by the event titled “Amazing Race America” ​​in 2011 ago where Jomblang Cave used for one route. Jomblang Cave is vertical type which formed from the land degradation to the bottom of the earth. The collapse of the land forms a sinkhole, which is popular called Luweng in Java.

Because it has a large cave mouth (approximately 50 meters), Jomblang Cave is often also called Luweng Jomblang. To explore Jomblang Cave is required to use a Single Rope Technique (SRT). Anyone who holds caving activities in Jomblang Cave is required to wear special equipment.

Besides the SRT technique, you must also be accompanied by a caveman. Jomblang Cave has a diverse range, ranging from 40 meters to 80 meters from the up-hole to the bottom of the cave. If you are the first time in this vertical cave, it is recommended to try the shortest first.

The shortest route is referred to as the VIP route, where the first 15 meters can still be passed by foot. However, after that, the next route must be passed by a rope where you have to go down more than 20 meters to reach the bottom of the cave.

After setting foot at the bottom of the cave, a sense of anxiety during the rope will certainly disappear. To enjoy the experience in Jomblang Cave, you can take the cave tubing package provided by a number of caving operator. In general, it costs around $40.

If you come in groups, preferably no more than 25 members. The management of the cave limits the number of participants to a maximum for 25 people. Once down Jomblang Cave, you will be treated to incredible views. At the base of Jomblang Cave, you will see a vast expanse of a green forests.

Starting from bushes, ferns, various types of moss, until the large trees stand tightly, you can enjoy. This green forest is better known as ancient forest. Since the degradation of the soil to the bottom of the earth, the forest vegetation continues to grow until now.

The adventure in Jomblang Cave is not only just stop at the base of the cave only. The journey will continue to Luweng Grubung, another underground cave. Between Jomblang and Grubung connected through a hallway with a length about 300 meters.

Along these aisles, you can enjoy a variety of beautiful ornaments such as stalagmites, stalagtites, and stunning crystals. You will see a bright light in the middle of the rushing stream. This is what cave tubing lovers known as the “Light of Heaven”.

This stunning landscape is breathtaking, watching the underground water flowing rapidly interspersed by sunlight entering through the hole from a height of 90 meters. Moreover, when the light illuminates the beauty of flowstone and the darkness of the base of the cave, it is very impressive.

To arrive at Jomblang Cave, the route is not so difficult. From downtown Jogja, the distance is about 50 kilometers, or approximately 1 hour. Tour to Jomblang Cave usually served in packages, thus you will be picked up and of course facilitated with equipment according to the standards.

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