Kalibiru Attraction, a Superb Spot to Vacation in Yogyakarta

Kalibiru Attraction, a Superb Spot to Vacation in Yogyakarta

Going to Kalibiru Tourism Village, you must have great guts because the distance. This tourism village is located in Hargowilis, Kokap, Kulonprogo, at an altitude of 450 asl. So you have to be sure the vehicle you carry must be in top perform.

When you begin the journey from Yogyakarta, the time will be ranged 2 hours or about 40 km. you will see the signboards clearly and neatly mounted. So, you can go to Kalibiru without having to get lost.

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Various activities can be enjoyed such as outbound, rural travel, cultural tourism, educational tours, family tours, and trekking. When you heading to the top of the viewing post, you will be amazed to enjoy the scenery that very fascinating, the view of the Sremo Reservoir will always look very slick.

Formerly, Kalibiru Tourism Village was opened in 2008 by the local community independently. Begin by building a path and various facilities such as cottages, meeting hall, viewing post, and flying fox.

The interesting activity you can get is trekking. The paths are very diverse, ranging from 1.5 km’s, 3 km’s, 5 km’s, and 7 km’s. For the 7 km’s track, you can see the Sermo Reservoir from close. While trekking through the path, at any time you can see various rare animals such as Javanese eagles, jungle chickens, hedgehogs, boars, Javanese tigers, and other kind of tiger.

For you who want to raise your adrenaline with flying fox, there are two choices, 50 meters and 85 meters. To try this attraction, you must pay $0.8 for adults, and $0.5 for children. The flying fox attraction, currently open every Sunday at 8 am to 4 pm.

Other facilities such as cottages and hall are also rented. The price for cottages ranges from $10-10.5, for hall $13, to eat $0.8 for one meal, motorcycle parking $0.2, car park $0.4, to rent a mattress $0.4 for 24 hours, and entrance ticket for each person $0.2.

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