Kalisuci Cave Tubing Yogyakarta Water Attraction

Kalisuci Cave Tubing Yogyakarta Water Attraction

If you are an adventure enthusiast, Cave Tubing Kalisuci can be your choice for holiday in Yogyakarta. Cave Tubing Kalisuci itself is located in Jetis, Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul. From Yogyakarta about 40 km’s. Cave Tubing itself is a combination of water rafting with caving.

Because Kalisuci Cave has a swift stream and the river is located inside the cave, this activity becomes fun and stunning challenge. Before you enter the cave, the guide will give you a short brief on how to do cave tubing. Next, the stimulation of safety gear such as life jacket, helmets, knee, and foot safety.

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When you go down to the river in the cave, the guide will always accompany you. Don’t worry because they will guide you until the end of the adventure. Kalisuci Cave itself is one part of Gunung Sewu. The karts of Gunung Kidul itself has an area of ​​13,000 km2.

Because of the uniqueness, in 1993, International Union Speleology proposed that the area of ​​Karts Gunung Sewu included Kalisuci Cave entered into one of the world’s natural heritage. The existence of this Karts needs to be proud, because the three natural cave tubing center in the world is Kalisuci Cave, then in Mexico and New Zealand.

The sensation of entering Kalisuci Cave start from you go down to the river. The clear water, the beautiful sound of nature will bring you further to the beauty. The swift stream of water will bring you to travel down. The water depth is only up to your knee. So if you can’t swim, don’t be worry.

The guide will accompany your journey as far as a half-mile, approximately 1.5 hours. To enjoy this attraction, Cave Tubing Kalisuci participants are charged $5.5 for each person. The access to this cave, must be passed only by private vehicles.

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