Kayu Arum Yogyakarta, the Exotic Beach with Less Visitor

Kayu Arum Yogyakarta, the Exotic Beach with Less Visitor

Kayu Arum, that’s the name of the beach that is still rarely visited. This white and clean sandy beach is located in Saptosari, Gunung Kidul, or about 7 km from Baron Beach. If you want to pause for a moment, let go of anxiety, and want to refresh your brain, this place can be the answer.

In fact, this tourist attraction not yet opened by the government until now. If you want to go here, you must be willing to walk, because the distance is about 4 km from Baron Techno Park. You will find some rice fields and steep roads on the journey. It takes 30 minutes to walk to the beach.

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The road is small and lots of rocks, so you must be careful. If you afraid to get lost, you must often ask to farmers who are working on the fields. If you from Yogyakarta City, to access this place is quite easy. From Yogyakarta, just take to Wonosari Street, then go straight toward Saptosari village.

After that, look for Baron Techno Park building. From that place, the beach is close. Park your vehicle, and walk through small road to the rice fields. You will the beach at the end of the path.

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