Kids Fun Park Yogyakarta, Playground Paradise for Your Kids

Kids Fun Park Yogyakarta, Playground Paradise for Your Kids

If you visit Yogyakarta with your beloved sons and daughters, give a time to stop over to a attraction that is designed for children, namely Kids Fun Park. Located on Jl. Wonosari Km 10, Sitimulyo, Piyungan, Kids Fun Park provides various vehicles on water, land, and games to build bravery such as flying fox and wall climbing.

Aqua Splash Waterboom is one of the main attraction at Kids Fun Park. In this place children and parents can play water as much. This waterboom has a circular skateboard with a height of 7.5 meters and a length of 52 meters. You don’t need to fear the rain or heat, because the swimming pool Aqua Splash equipped with a giant umbrella.

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One benefit from visit this place, just simply by paying 1 ticket then you can try all the rides that are available in this place except go kart. The fun rides of Kids Fun include arena ball bath, jet rider, grand canyon boat, planet car, car bombs, china town, dune bag, bumper boat, swivel comedy, jet coaster, and more. You may want to try these rides over and over again.

Every Sunday there will be a Pirate Operation show starts at 11 am and 2 pm. This show will use the ship as the stage. Besides variety of games and stage rides, Kids Fun also provides a variety of exciting entertainment packages such as Behind The Scene package, learn how to make pizza and orange juice, and so forth.

Each participant who follows this package will get an official certificate from Kids Fun. If you tired of and starve, Kids Fun equipped with some cafes with an interesting menu. The cafes include Caribbean Cafe (with pirate atmosphere), Viva Italia Cafe, Dafesaurus, Camelot Cafe, and K-Fun Cafe.

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