Kiskendo Cave Yogyakarta

Kiskendo Cave Yogyakarta

The Menoreh Mountains cluster that becomes the beauty for Kulon Progo Regency, is like a magic lamp that holds a lot of hidden potential. No different from Aladin when rubbing his hands appeared miracles of the lamp, as well as the cluster of Menoreh Mountains that have not been developed.

One of them is the beauty of Goa Kiskendo in the hills Kulon Progo. Goa Kiskendo which became one of the charm of the Menoreh Mountains located 1200 m above sea level which is fresh and located 35 km northwest of Yogyakarta.

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The access to this place can be passed by two-wheeled vehicles and four-wheeled small wheels. To get the hilly tour experience by walking down the road, you can take a big bus and stop at Niten village, near Giri Mulyo, is about 8 km from the cave.

Beside motor vehicles, this area is also often used as a cyclists destination who want to explore in the hills Menoreh. But you must prepare the stamina to try the tracks here. Entering the area of ​​Goa Kiskendo, you will be greeted by the steps that became the initial story of this attraction.

From the cave entrance, there is a winding staircase to the mouth of Goa Kiskendo. There are platforms such as seesaws, sleds and climbs. Besides tourist attractions of the cave, this place is suitable for nature tourism in the form of camp because it is supported by the campground located at the top and bottom.

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