Klotok Coffee Pakem, Enjoying Traditional Dish Under Merapi Feet

Klotok Coffee Pakem, Enjoying Traditional Dish Under Merapi Feet

As far as you go, the house will always be a place to be missed. Not only miss the atmosphere, but also miss the food. Well, if you are taking a trip to Jogja and willing to enjoy a home-style food alias traditional food, you may visit Klotok Coffee Pakem.

Although named klotok coffee, this food stalls that carried the concept of traditional village not only provide coffee. The most popular menu from this place is about it dish. Klotok Coffee Shop provides a variety of vegetables are usually cooked by any traditional mother at home, including lodeh kluwih, eggplant lodeh, lodeh tempe lombok ijo, vegetables asem, and soup ala villager.

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There are traditional Javanese dishes like fried pindang, omelet, tempe garit, and sambel dadak. You can eat rice and vegetables as much you can with a flat price, just pay $1. You can enjoy the traditional dishes in building with traditional style accompanied with keroncong and gamelan.

Moreover, the location of this klotok coffee is on the edge of rice fields and facing Mount Merapi increasingly add to the atmosphere of the countryside.

If you do not want to eat heavily, Klotok Coffee Shop has one mainstay snack which is fried banana. As a friend to eat fried bananas, you can choose klotok coffee, tea tubruk with sugar stone, or wedang ginger jelly. It’s guaranteed you will feel happier than usual.

This Klotok Coffee Shop seems to be very popular. It is characterized by frequent visits by important figures and actor. If you’re curious about whoever’s been there, you can see their names and signatures on the glass frames.

Warung Kopi Klotok Pakem is located at Jalan Kaliurang Km 16, Pakembinangun, Pakem, Sleman. From Jogja, you stay down to Kaliurang at Km 16. You can stop by to this shop after visiting some attractions in Kaliurang such as Ullen Sentalu Museum, Mount Merapi Museum, Tlogo Putri, or other tourist attraction.

This coffee shop and food stall is open daily from 7 am to 10 pm. If you come at lunchtime, this place will be very full and you must willing to queue in line.

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