Know More about Javanese Culture at Rumah Budaya Tembi Yogyakarta

Know More about Javanese Culture at Rumah Budaya Tembi Yogyakarta

Everything about Javanese culture and customs is presented in Tembi Museum, or famous with Rumah Budaya Tembi. The location is on Parangtritis Street Km 8.4, Tembi, Timbulharjo, Sewon, Bantul. The museum is open Monday to Friday at 8 am to 4 pm, and closed early on Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm.

The museum stored more than 3000 collections of ancient and historic objects. Various tools commonly used by the Java community are exhibited in this place such as stoves, dandang, kekeb, and kusan. Ancient objects that displayed include photos, posters, traditional bike, and motorcycle.

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The collection at Tembi Museum also includes traditional weapons. There are 364 keris blades, 68 swords, and 167 spears. Besides the weapons, there are 216 pieces of shadow puppets. The library here has a collection of 5000 books. The ancient book that reads Javanese letters like Babad Tanah Jawi, Babad Mangir, Babad Sundayana, and Babad Pati which all the literature history.

Other collections are some children’s clothing, wall clocks, photographs, and paintings showing Javanese culture. Various batik motifs also displayed at this museum. There are also traditional Javanese musical instruments such as gamelan and art collection.

Agricultural equipment used by the Java community can be seen in this place. The facilities that already available at Tembi Museum include homestay, museum, library, bale rupa, bale masterpiece, Pulosegeran food stalls, and swimming pool.

The museum often holds regular activities in the form of traditional Javanese art performances, such as dance and theater performances, and night poetry readings. You can also watch the wayang kulit show that performed by local puppeteers.

This place is also often held a cultural exhibition with a cultural theme. This museum is a good place and very suitable to add knowledge about the history and culture of Java, one of the largest tribes in Indonesia. In Tembi Museum, you can do some batik activities, learning to play traditional gamelan musical instruments, and plow the fields with cows.

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