Krakal Beach Yogyakarta, a Surfing Spot with Beautiful Landscape

Krakal Beach Yogyakarta, a Surfing Spot with Beautiful Landscape

Krakal Beach is one of the popular tourist destinations in Gunung Kidul. This beach is an interesting surfing spot with charming natural landscape. Krakal beach actually has been known for a long time, even long before Indrayanti Beach, Jogan Beach, Baron Beach, or Pok Tunggal Beach.

Now, those beaches became crowded with the visitor. Krakal Beach has mentioned with the most beautiful spot among a row of beaches that stretching along the coast of Gunung Kidul. At Krakal Beach, you can find a beach that is so sloping with a sprinkling of white sand that spread wide.

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Clear sea water and waves rhythm adds the beauty of the beach panorama. It will take you about 2 hours to arrive at this beach from Yogyakarta. Along the road to Krakal Beach, there is a row of food stalls that offer a typical menu of Jogja.

To get into this beach area, you have to pay entrance ticket of $0.8 for each. These tickets are paid at the Baron Beach retribution post. The ticket fees include Baron Beach, Sundak Beach, and Kukup Beach. Those beaches are located on the same row on the coast of Gunung Kidul.

At Krakal Beach, there are rocks that stood firmly along the beach. Uniquely, the rocks are inhabited by thousands of colorful reef fish. Some species of the fish, such as Damselfish with the characteristic yellow color and a little blue accent on his back.

There is another fish called Butterflyfish that locals call Kepe-Kepe, with dark blue colors mixed with light blue. There are also groups of small blue fish that play on the sidelines of the reef. The coral reefs at Krakal Beach present an interesting feature to be explored.

You can take a walk in a row of rocks that poke out to the surface like a path that divides the ocean.
To walk along this rocks, you must wear footwear because some of the stone is a fairly pointed and sharp. From this cliff of rock, you can see the fishermen fishing.

There are many fishermen who actually prefer to dive for umbal. Umbal is a kind of small sea-shaped animal that lives attached to rocks. Small umbal is usually processed by locals into a tasty food. Beside to its charming natural scenery, the waves in Krakal Beach are also favored by surfers.

Every day, there are tourists who look fun surfing here, dancing on the sea waves. The surfers usually walk first to a row of rocks off the coast to welcome the waves that quite challenging. But there is to be known, the sea ground is dominated by rocks.

Surfing is not a popular sport among the locals. If you want to surf on this beach, you have to bring your own surf board because no surfboard rental available. In ​​Krakal Beach, there are a number of hotels with a fairly low cost. The hotel in Krakal Beach is advantageous for the surfers who want to stay while waiting for the best wave.

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