Krakal Beach Yogyakarta Entrance Ticket

Krakal Beach Yogyakarta Entrance Ticket

Krakal Beach has long been famous as one of the most beautiful beaches in the southern Yogyakarta. The coastline with white sand and the waves is not too big. Krakal Beach has a very long coastline among the beaches in Gunung Kidul. The journey to this beach will cross the limestone hills with coral terraces. Most coral reefs on the beach keeps colorful little fishes.

The most interesting of these beaches is the variety of fish during the dry season comes. The little fish will be appear at the beginning of the month. There is a yellow fish with blue on its back, butterflyfish with blue and yellow stripes, Bestum fish, Pogat fish, Tiger fish and a bunch of fish swimming among the rocks. If you bring a net, you can hunt fish here, but be careful about the coastal ecosystem.

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Besides hunting ornamental fish between the rocks, you can make a shallow dive to find umbal, a kind of small sea animals that live attached to the rocks, by the local people processed to be made a tasty snack. Krakal Beach has two towering black rocks which is a barrier with the beach next to it. Both coral reefs are very fertile with various kinds of coastal vegetation.

Between the two reefs you can enjoy the beauty of the beach by visiting a gazebo that is already provided. You can walk up the rocks which is already provided paths to climb the reef. You have to be careful because the plants that grow around it have lots of sharp spines. At the top of the rock, you will be presented with a beautiful view of a beach.

At the west of the rock, there is a small beach with a unique atmosphere. This small beach is limited only by a rock. You can set foot on the small beach by going through the hills, if you want an easier path you can go back down and go straight to the beach.

Krakal Beach is located in Ngestiharjo, Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul. From Yogyakarta is about 65 km, can be reached by 3 hours. The entrance ticket at Krakal Beach is $0.4.

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