Kukup Beach Yogyakarta Entrance Ticket

Kukup Beach Yogyakarta Entrance Ticket

Kukup beach can be reached from the city of Yogyakarta by driving a vehicle for 3 hours. Kukup Beach is one of the popular beach among the coastal row. This beach has a white sand spread wide which add to the beauty of this beach. Kukup beach has a shallow sea area which is quite calm.

This shallow area is restricted to a mound of coral reefs on the edge of the beach as a protection from the large waves. Shallow areas on the coast of Kukup contain coral reefs, starfish and a variety of unique sea fish and other various sea biota that you can clearly see from above.

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Even the seawater is increase, these beaches are still flooded by clear water, especially in isolated lowlands. Here you can find various fish that may be trapped in the puddle. You can walk to the end of the beach when the sea is receding.

The presence of sea urchin especially in the clear water with other marine biota. Don’t ever pick or stamped with bare feet because the sea urchin has a very toxic that may cause infection, pain, seizures and some cases can cause respiratory.

At the east of Kukup beach, there is a coral island named Jumino Island. Between Kukup Beach and the island is connected by a bridge that can be passed by tourists. On the island of Jumino, there is a deliberate viewpoint built for tourists who want to enjoy the sea view from the island.

On the cliffs at the west of this beach is full by coral cave that is often used to play by tourists and shelter from the hot sun. Some of the caves are flooded with sea water, so there is other marine biota. Kukup Beach is located in Kemadang, Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul. About 1 km east of Baron beach.

From Yogyakarta to Kukup beach is about 62 km. The entrance ticket is $0.4 for 8 beaches, such as Kukup Beach, Sepanjang Beach, Baron Beach, Drini Beach, Sundak Beach, Krakal Beach, Indrayanti Beach, and Pok Tunggal Beach.

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