Let’s Do a Sandboarding Sport in Yogyakarta’s Desert

Let’s Do a Sandboarding Sport in Yogyakarta’s Desert

Travel lovers, there is desert in Yogyakarta! Located in Bantul, not far from Depok Beach, there is a sand dune phenomenon. In this area you will be spoiled with a wide sand dune. This sand dune is a volcanic material originating from Mount Merapi that flows into the sea through Opak River.

The sand that brought to the sea was finally thrown away by the waves. Once dry, the grains of sand are blown by the wind to form the sand dune. The desert in Bantul is suspected to be the only sand dune phenomenon in Southeast Asia.

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One of ride that is booming in this desert is sandboarding. If you have an opportunity to vacation to Jogja, play sandboarding in this desert is one of the interesting sport attraction that unfortunately to be missed. Sandboarding is a fun game by using a skateboard on the sand.

A special hobby in a special place, that’s how it is. This game is quite simple, just don’t fear about the sun and not afraid of falling. That’s all. Falling up in this game is usual, especially for beginners who have never tried. One thing that you must do are to wear any safety equipment such as helmets and knee protector.

After wearing safety equipment according to safety standards, take a position as comfortable as possible at a certain height. When you ready, just slide and conquer the sand. Voilaaa, the sensation of sandboarding can be felt directly. The price to enjoy this sandboarding sport ranges from $15.

One of the interesting tips to do this adrenaline game is to prepare a good stamina. Then, choose comfortable clothes so you can enjoy your move. Besides sandboarding, the place can also be used for a unique prewedding location. Not only that, you can also rent a horse and go around. Lastly, don’t forget capture your moment!

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